I like to follow a simple motto:   “Focus on “ONE” thing”.

What does this mean to me?  It means focusing on just one simple goal at a time, with my most important one to be a loving, kind human being.  OK, that may sound simple-minded or mushy or even lofty, but it’s not really as high and mighty as you may think.  It actually comes out of the fact that, I know one of my faults is that I can be too harsh, impatient, pushy, and unkind if I don’t watch myself.   Yet, at the same time, I also know that I’m a nice  person at heart.   The problem is that when I get too busy,  I sometimes don’t behave as a nice person.

So, what does that have to do with ‘Focusing on ONE thing’?  Well, it’s when I am running around with too many goals, with the demands of a hectic lifestyle, that’s when the stress is kicked up and I am prone to be unkind to those around me.    And this can happen daily {maybe even many times a day} and that’s just too much time in the mode of acting unloving or unkind.

Maybe you are wondering how I came up with this motto.   Part of the idea came from following a wonderful blog by Rick Hanson, called: Just One Thing.   And another impetus was while doing some career and life coaching work, I started with a rather lengthy ‘Vision Statement’ and that was a good start, but then my coach asked me to narrow this down and to continue honing it down to fewer and fewer words.  Each time I did so, I got closer to my core truth.   It was inspiring, hopeful and mostly relieving to realize that all I really have to do is just “Focus on ONE thing”.   And as my life became clearer and I came closer to living my core truth,  I felt better, I had more peace, and I felt more in tune with the things that really matter.   When I stopped thinking that my “To do List” was more important than offering a smile or a kind word, then my relationships improved!    I became more clear on what’s most important and no longer stress so much on the non-essentials.   I hope this is somewhat helpful for you to consider, and thankfully, now I am heading in the direction of…

Doing my best to . . .  “Live Life On Purpose”

– Terri Mudge