About Me

MudgeFamilyTherapy and Life Coaching
Hi, I am Terri Mudge, a licensed professional counselor and a life coach. My passion is to empower people to connect to what really matters in life. Too often, we are pushed around by external forces, doing only what others expect of us. Or we are pushed around by our internal states, with struggles with anxiety, depression, or other stressors. I have a passion for helping people to push through some of these barriers to create the life they want. I help people to “Live Life on Purpose”.


I utilize a form of therapy called ACT, also known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This therapy uses mindfulness skills, helping people to stay connected to the present moment instead of being wrapped up in judgmental or painful thoughts about the past or worries about the future. It helps people to get more out of life, by gaining the skill of greater focus and connection with the current moment. So often, our lives are lived on auto-pilot, where we are influenced too much by other’s wants or even by our own emotional stresses. Instead, through increasing skills of mindful awareness, you can get more in touch with the things that matter most, like connecting with your spouse or children, doing meaningful work, caring for others, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Another aspect of this approach is related to values, where you are encouraged to increase awareness of what is most important, and gaining skills in connecting more fully with those values.


I have worked in the counseling field for over 20 years. Working in a variety of settings, I have had experience in a residential drug treatment program. I have worked many years in community mental health, dealing with individuals, couples and families with a variety of issues.

My specialty is working with anxiety problems, especially social anxiety. Through extended training in anxiety treatment, I have developed skills which allow me to help people to live a full life, while managing the difficult emotions that come up along the way.

I have a passion for sharing a message of hope. I want people to know that they are not alone, that they are not crazy or weak. And I want them to know that they don’t have to hide out from life.


Family Life:
I have been married for over 18 years, and my husband and I have lots of fun together. We enjoy family time with our children, and we also make sure to have time alone each week. Our marriage has grown through many ups and downs, and we continue to develop strength in our commitment. Whether together as a family or alone, I love being outdoors, camping, kayaking and running, or even just sitting and enjoying nature.


My Credentials:
2001 – Present: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in state of Alabama
1999 – 2000: Non-degree student: Extended coursework in Marriage and Family Counseling
1997: Master of Science; University of South Alabama; Community Counseling
1989: Bachelor of Arts; University of South Alabama; Psychology Major, Spanish Minor


Professional Training/Continuing Education:
July, 2012: ACT World Conference, Bethesda, MD: a 5 day conference, including 2 day experiential workshop in the Compassionate Use of Exposure Therapy in Anxiety Disorders
May, 2008: ACT Summer Institute IV, including 2 days of experiential group training in mindfulness and skills training. 3 days of workshops in numerous content areas: ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy used to treat a variety of mental health conditions.
March, 2008 until present: Involved in and co-leader of a Professional Training/Learning group in ACT therapy principles.
March, 2008: Intro to ACT therapy: Training and practice of ACT skills.


Drug Education Council, 2011: How to manage Cravings Mindfully
MLPCA Meeting; 2009: Intro to ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Unitarian/Universalist Church, 2009: Values in ACTion.
Alabama Counseling Association Annual Conference, Nov, 2000.


Current member: MLPCA (Mobile Licensed Professional Counselor Association), ACBS (Association for Contextual Behavioral Science), Quest for Social Justice; Toastmasters International; YMCA – active member, Christ Anglican Church, St. Mary’s Parish.
Past Board Service: Quest for Social Justice, Catholic Social Services, MLPCA