bk2vKH4-cropOh No! I screwed up again!

I screwed up again, and now I have self doubt and worry settling in, then I found these words from an online blogger that helped me handle the difficult feelings.

From Scott Dinsmore:
“Every screw up gets you closer to your masterpiece. Make mistakes as often as you can. Start falling.”

“Make lots of mistakes, and you will get closer to your goal!”

I love this. And, I can relate to this, too. I have made plenty of mistakes, and expect I will continue to do so.

And, I might even try to make more mistakes now. Really, if it gets me closer to where I’m headed, why not?

Ok, well, here’s why not? Because it doesn’t feel good. It feels like crap to have regret, and you just want to crawl into a hole.  I certainly don’t want more of that. I have done my share of hiding out or avoiding, and when I do, my life gets smaller. I miss out on relationships, on opportunities, on more fully living life.

I don’t know if other people notice my hiding, I’m sure some have, but sometimes I think I am getting away with it. I am just a quiet person, so I think that I can just go on with my life, but just be there and not say anything and people won’t notice. Well, this hurts me in the long run. It prevents me from building relationships as I would like, it causes me to miss opportunities by being so wrapped up in what I need to say, or thoughts of what others are thinking, or what I need to do next. I miss the chance to share, to connect, to be IN my life instead of living like a by-stander.

But, what this idea liberates me to do, is to go ahead and get out there, and when I mess up, as is inevitable, then I can see this as the growth opportunity that it is! Screwing up may not be so bad after all.

Try this on for size! Instead of being sad about falling down, take a deep breath and realize you are really falling UP!

Doing my best to Live Life on Purpose!

Terri Mudge

Woulda-coulda-shouldaWoulda-Coulda-Shoulda is a poem by Shel Silverstein from his book, Falling Up, a poetry collection filled with illustrations, drawn by the author.