Buried Alive by Klaus M

Does anyone feel propelled by this pressure?   Or, like me, instead do you feel stressed and over-whelmed, worn out.  Maybe instead of being motivated to get more done, you feel bogged down and sluggish, due to the feelings that can arise with these overwhelming expectations.

It can feel like walking through a muddy swamp.

And, not only are there expectations to do more, but also to know more, and  to communicate more.

There is so much information available, and maybe you also, like me, have a burning desire to learn more stuff.  I think it is a part of the deep need to be “good enough” that so many of us seem to have.  If I just learn some more, and learn the right things, and learn more than other people, then I will finally know enough and I can rest.

Well, that point hasn’t happened yet for me.  And, I don’t even see the end in sight.   It’s like the cartoon of the guy who is on his computer, and is told, “You can stop now, you have reached the end of the Internet.”  Wow, that would be so amazing and cool, if that ever could happen.

Instead, there is a constant stream of information, news, blogs, books to read.  There’s always new ideas of things that I want to study and things that I need to know more about.  And, many of these are extremely important:  safety information, parenting skills, marriage building, and anger management.  These are just a few of the topics I have been studying, and I do have personal and professional reasons to study these areas.

But, when is enough, enough? 

When can I sit back and rest and realize that “I am okay now”.  I know enough to get me through the day today, without making too many horrible mistakes.  I know enough for today.

Well, I guess I will never reach the end of the internet, and I will never know for sure if I have enough information.

And, I will go on today, and many other days, with this knowledge, and still do what is important.  I will live with the uncertainty, choosing to do and be the best I can be with where I am today, limitations and all.

Here’s just a couple of ideas about simplifying or reducing multi-tasking in your life.  I know it seems that if you could just get a few more hours in a day, or be more organized then you could get more done and all of your problems would be solved.  But the research shows that you/we are hurting ourselves and even our productivity with this endless push for .. Do More, Do More, Do More..  Some of the research as you can see in the following articles can shed some light.  Basically the research shows that multitasking will cause us to be less creative, more stressed out,  cause potential threats of dangers to ourself and others (phone use while driving/walking), and the funny part is:  It doesn’t even work!?!  Multitasking actually causes us to be less focused and have less use of our brain power to get tasks done, and they take longer then if they had been done one at a time!!
So, If you are interested in seeing some of the research results and have the time to do so, please check out these articles.

This is a report the American Psychological Association describing the drawbacks of multitasking.

I hope this helps, and wish you many days of productivity, with less stress.

Doing my best to Live Life on Purpose…………Terri Mudge