Flooding Photo Mobile, AlaRoadblocks, road closures, sink holes, oh my!

Well, Mobile and the communities in this part of the world had some experience with torrential down-pours over the last few days.  And, today, as we go about our business, we are seeing roads closed due to sink holes appearing, and trees knocked down, and plenty of debris in the way.

So, of course, I look to see what I can learn from this and use as a metaphor for life.   It seems to fit right in with my battles to get a blog up and running.

Blogging is a new experience for me.   Actually, I have been practicing at it for over a year now, and this is actually a revise of my first blog.   I have had revisions of my website, and revisions of my blogs .. . And, still this blogging thing feels weird.  I am continuing to muddle through, dealing with the frustrations of navigating the blog site, deciding what to write, and pushing through the nervousness of choosing when and what to post.

There’s some creativity involved in the writing and finding pictures, and that’s the fun part.  Then there’s a lot of hassle, honestly.  For someone like me, who is not a computer geek,  I find that everything that I do takes 3 times longer than what someone else may be able to.

So, along with all of the frustrations, I am hoping that I can keep at it, and one day at a time, one blog at a time, and even one word at a time, I can make this happen.  This is about sticking with things, persevering, pushing through the frustration, the barriers, the roadblocks.

And, it makes me think of many other areas in our life.

We have a fine idea, a desire to do something new and different, to stretch, to grow and experience a new passion, or experiment with a newfound interest.   And then, it happens: barriers, roadblocks, frustration.  What happens next?   Well,  as some people say, “Life happens.”    We don’t have enough time.  It’s too expensive.  We may get started on a new interest and then we lose interest, or we just get side-tracked by other tasks that we also need to be doing:   It’s time to go to work, kids want lunch, laundry needs folding, bills need to be paid, and one task after another. 

Here’s a few of my tactics for getting through all of the roadblocks.

1.  Use a simple mantra, like “Just Do It” (borrowed from Nike).  Or (borrowed from AA (One Day At a Time, or even one hour or one minute at a time).

2.  Next, Ask yourself what is important to you about the task and then connect with the value.

3.  See if you can create some structure to make it happen.  We all need help in getting motivated sometimes.  So, what about getting an accountability partner, or someone to share in the endeavor.

So, I am planning to keep pushing through the roadblocks, working towards a goal that is important to me, and I will create a structure to make it happen.   Thanks for listening.

Doing my best to . . . Live Life on Purpose

Terri Mudge